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Give a Hand: Volunteer Opportunities at Sien Lok Society of Calgary

Volunteer work is often the thread that holds a community together. Join us to give back to society and do your bit for the world at large. You will experience the act of connecting with and contributing to the community and turning it into a better place. 

Sien Lok Society of Calgary is a purely volunteer-run organization. While various donations and government funding enable us to give back to the community, the volunteers help us work towards Sien Lok’s vision and mission. We are always searching and grateful for volunteers to bring their unique skills, dedication and perspective to our society. 

Become a volunteer and help us realize our vision of creating a better community. Find out more about the Sien Lok Society of Calgary.

We Need You!

You are welcome to join us in the betterment, promotion, and preservation of the Chinese Canadian culture.

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