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Sien Lok

Standing true to our name, which translates to “happiness through good works,” Sien Lok continues in benevolent activities that honour the presence of Chinese culture in Calgary’s social fabric.

Our Story

Sien Lok Society of Calgary was formed in 1968 in response to a threat to the existence of Calgary’s Chinatown. In 1965, the City proposed the construction of a 12-lane parkway, called the “East-West Penetrator,” to be built overtop of Chinatown. Approval of this project would mean the destruction of Calgary’s third Chinatown location, which exists today because of a group of young businessmen and professionals and the establishment of Sien Lok Society. Having helped preserve the historic Chinese district, Sien Lok continues to work for the betterment of the Chinese Community in Calgary. We strive every day to continue the values of cultural diversity, history preservation, cooperation, harmony and family that the Society has built its foundation upon.

What Drives Us?

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an environment where lives are touched, enriched and refreshed through broad ties with our culturally diverse communities.

Our Vision

Develop and participate in cultural preservation and promotional activities for those affected by, or interested in, Chinese Canadian culture.

A Message from the President of Sien Lok Society: Mr. John Dong

Welcome to the Sien Lok Society. We are a passionate group of individuals committed to promoting and preserving Chinese Canadian heritage throughout Calgary and Canada. In everything from our scholarships to our very public Sien Lok Park in downtown Calgary, we are very actively engaged in seeing our mission come to life as we have been for the past 40+ years. Please join us online and in person at one of our many activities and initiatives throughout the year.

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